Melissa & Justin

IMG_8327 From the moment that I met this couple, I knew that I was going to love working with them.  They were super easy going and were just absolutely, 100%, no questions asked – head over heels in love.

This wedding had so many amazing details to it, and I loved the rustic shabby chic theme.  I really enjoy weddings where there are lots of personal touches and details that really let you get to know the couple.  I left this wedding feeling like I had a great sense of who the couple were as individuals, as well as a couple, and that I had made two new friends.

Hands down – my favourite part of this day was before the ceremony when the couple did First Look Pictures.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am obsessed with First Look Pictures and this was my first chance to get to be a part of them.  Melissa entered the room looking absolutely stunning, and didn’t even make it a few steps after seeing Justin standing with his back to her before the tears started – which then cued myself and the bridesmaids to join in.  Melissa & Justin stood back to back while reading letters that they had written each other, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  It was such a special and intimate moment.  I was recording a video for them of everything, and I had to apologize that all they could probably hear was my sniffles.  It was so beautiful (their moment, not my sniffles).  I was able to capture a picture of Justin’s face right when they turned to face each other, and his expression said it all.  Nothing but love.

The ceremony space was beautiful.  Outdoors with a friend of the couple playing acoustic goodness.  This couple was definitely surrounded by a group of loving friends and family.  Immediately following the ceremony, they went into their first dance in the outdoor space, and that was such a cool touch to the day.  I’ve never seen a post-ceremony first dance, and I thought it was a great moment and perfect time to have it.

The reception was a blast, the food was delicious, and I got a chance to work with and get to know Chelsea Klette of Chelsea Klette Photography for the first time .  I cannot wait to see how Chelsea’s images turned out.   Full vendor listing at the end of the post.

Have a look at these pics that I took of the reception space and all of the little details that made this such a beautiful and unique reception space.  Guests had an absolute blast with the Polaroid Camera Photo Guest Book.  I jumped in there a few times 🙂

Thank you again to Melissa & Justin for having me be a part of your Big Day.  This is a wedding that I will never forget being a part of.  If anyone is looking for inspiration on the love that is possible for two people to have for each other, just meet this couple and you’ll know ❤

Venue for Ceremony & Reception : Albert Hall

Photographer: Chelsea Klette Photography

Caterers: Fresh Dish Catering & Calories

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