Saskatchewan Small Business Showcase

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since my last blog post!  Having two little ones in school for the first time, plus activities, has definitely made me feel like I blinked and Fall was half over!  Now that routine has settled in, I’m hoping to get back into a one to two posts per month groove again.


Today’s post is all about the importance of supporting local business.  Saskatoon (and the province of Saskatchewan) is filled with so many amazing small businesses.  Not just in the wedding and event planning world, but in multiple categories.

In September, I decided that I wanted to do an expo called the Saskatchewan Small Business Showcase.  I had noticed a trend that seemed to be settling in, and that was trade shows chalk full of businesses that were not local.  There were always lots of direct selling companies, as well.  I’ll start by saying that I have no problem with local entrepreneurs repping large direct selling companies (I sell candles on the side myself).  Those entrepreneurs have to hustle to build their customer base and make money, and I admire that.

ssbsI wanted to create a show where every single business needed to be started within Saskatchewan, with the exception of allowing 5 direct sales entrepreneurs into the show also.   I had local businesses donate door prize items, and all vendors contributed an item to the silent auction to raise funds for a local charity (The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan).

The show received an overwhelming response of vendors wanting to participate!  I was so proud to look around the room and see so many local business being represented.  We even had a fashion show, showcasing clothing from the fabulous Covered & Co. and models from Infinity Model Management.  I was proud to drop off a cheque to the Children’s Hospital Foundation for $920.

I also learned a valuable lesson with this show about networking.  This event competed with a lot going on in the city that day, so we didn’t have the numbers of attendees I was hoping for.  However, looking around the room, the energy was absolutely positive and amazing.  No one was down about the amount of shoppers – as they were all connecting, networking, and making contacts with each other.  I love the friendliness of Saskatchewan residents – and I love the community that small business owners have with each other.  I received a lot of feedback from vendors that they were each out trying each others services and products and providing referrals.

I want to thank my vendors, the models, the door prize sponsors, and those that came to work the door for me.  A huge thank you to those that attended.  Next year’s is only going to be bigger and better!   September 16th, 2017 – Mark your calendars 🙂

For full company info, please visit

Photography: Fat Cat Studios

Logo: Mint Vinyl Designs


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